How much do you charge?

I calculate my fees based on time required, usage of the final images, amount of post processing needed, and expenses for each commission. An amount of post processing is included in my fees.

I prefer to tailor a quote to you so I can give you the best value. I price on results, not hourly rates or other nonsense, and I only require 50% in advance. I quote flexible bespoke packages where extra images are available at a very small fee, meaning you are free to expand your order to your needs and budget and that the more images you will like, the less you’ll spend.

What is the process of commissioning you?

I prefer to see it as “what is the best way for you to commission me?”, but I have a streamlined process to make this as easy and time effective as possible.

The first half of the process is free! (and saves you time and money later…)



- let’s go! -



Get in touch by phone (+447495547295), email (info@sc-photographer.co.uk) or using the contact form. The more information you can give me at this first point of contact, the swifter I can advice, avoiding back and forth. Take the answer to the previous question as guide for the information I need (how many images to start with? where are they going to be used? any examples of similar work for style and mood? where are you located? also: when can we meet or talk?).

I offer free consultation and I recommend you take advantage of this to make sure everything is being performed to your standards and limitations. The best thing is to meet in person: If you can, we will arrange to meet. I value your time so you can trust I will be there and on time. If for any reason out of my control I can’t make it to the meeting, I will contact you immediately.

During your free consultation we will discuss your brand, your requirements, your wishes and limitations. I’ll listen and propose ideas.

I’ll then send you an email to confirm all details. At this point you can take all the information and go somewhere else. If you give me a shot, you can be sure I’ll deliver and you’ll be glad you went ahead!


You can find my terms and conditions here.


If you feel I haven’t met the standards set during our consultation, you know you can talk to me freely and that I will do all I can to repair. Since I price on results, I’ll make sure I have satisfied all the agreed requirements and, because I don’t ask for full payment in advance, you won’t have to worry about having to chase a refund. You can be sure I will be responsive and respect your time.